My childhood holidays were warm and tropical.  We decorated with lights, a lot of them, to make up for the lack of snow and they lit up the heavy nights with color and brilliance.  All grown up, I’m fascinated with the play and glow of light and the dimmed beauty of snowfall.  They make great Christmas and holiday cards, too:

On a sunny day in May, just as the tents were opening up for summer, I met up with the Mitchell family in Ocean Grove, NJ for an on location shoot.  Old friends of mine, it was a pleasure.  We even had time to catch up as we walked familiar streets to the Great Auditorium and felt the salt air on the boardwalk.  It is always a priviledge to capture family memories.  The last one is my favorite … Love this one of… Read more »

And launch! Mt. Hood in Oregon Leaves from a ginko. Sweet lips. Chase faces. Full of personality. Ocean Grove in winter. Self-portrait. Pennsylvania blueberry picking. My pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Weather moods in Hughesville, Pa. End of summer. Bagpiper in paradise. Kauai, HI Super cool freckles. Print black and white. Winter wedding bouquet. Summer wedding bouquet.