This little girl belongs to me.  On her 8th birthday this past spring she picked out her dress and said, “Hey, Maaa.  We’re taking pictures today, right?”  So, since it was sunny and only a little brisk, we headed outside to play.  This is all my daughter: her monkey ways in the trees, her silliness, her delight.  I have my favorites and here are a few:

There is no doubt: this family loves each other.  On a cozy cloudy day, we got together in front of the Christmas Barn for our shoot.  They snuggled up on a blanket, curled up for hugs in their fuzzy sweaters, and bumped foreheads and noses while I stood back, gave little direction, and failed miserably with a handful of white feathers that the breeze stole over and over again.  At least it made them laugh.    Here are a few…. Full… Read more »

It all fell together over a game of Words with Friends.  I’m back-and-forth between Jersey and Pennsie quite often and sometimes that makes it hard to coordinate.  Finally, Kim and I finnagled our schedules to meet for a walk in the park at Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, New Jersey.  Her golden-haired son is a moving target (often his feet were a blur!) and the kid-friendly grounds were enough to both entertain and hold him still – for a second!  October… Read more »