If we were in a room, with four walls, it would have been buzzing. This family of three sisters and their loving parents met with me for a shoot in the park brimming, bubbling, twitchy with excitement.  Smiles were all over the place – even as dad got used to a camera aimed in his direction – even as the girls posed for me like runway models (dude, they’re good) – even as mom pulled her whole family around her… Read more »

You now its been a good day of shooting one-year-old twins when you can smell the sugar in the birthday cake because its so close, its in your hair.   It was a good day.  About that … Dessert first: Boys.  This is very important.  Its your 1st birthday and since your mom & dad are already gasping (ONE!?!)  let me be the one to introduce you to CAKE.  Oh yes, cake.  Whipped cream icing.  Chocolate.  Vanilla.  Candy sprinkles.  Caaaake…. Read more »