The day was in full glow when we got together for this shoot.  Quite literally, a walk in the park, my favorite.  The sun lit up this beautiful family… extravagant, luxurious light. I loved watching the big sisters gaze at their baby brother.  And how willing they were to curl up in a blanket with him even if he was being a squirmy little boy. I observed the oldest with her siblings, oozing with natural warmth. And my goodness, the… Read more »

I arrived at their house greeted by the baby of the family, all of 7 years old. She slipped her arms around my pregnant belly in a gentle hug. I hadn’t seen her since she was a toddler but she gave me a hint of what I’d get to photograph that day. (Lots of hand-holding, warm gazes, love.) Her 4 siblings buzzed around me. My long-time friends, Sean & Laura, stole bits of grown-up conversation with me while everyone got… Read more »