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I’m a professional family and birth photographer. Been in the business for about 10 years now with 8 years of experience documenting babies being born (& so the birth of a family.) For me, Family photography encompasses newborn photos, cake smash sessions, milestone birthdays, senior portraits, family reunions, and those sweet family-centric backyard weddings. I’ve been told that I have a knack for making everyone feel included & that I bring a sense of calm to my sessions.

I am a mom to three people ranging in ages 6-19, have been married for a million years, & live *again* in Monmouth County after a long stretch in Pennsylvania. We joke that the dog & the cat love me best & I don’t deny it! My own family is by far the most important part of my life. They astonish me every day with their love & the love I have for them.

In my lifetime, I have been a wedding florist, a bookseller, a full time parent to my special needs child, a freelance writer, a gallery associate & a grant writer for a museum. I have this degree I worked hard for in Ancient History that I intended to use formally either as a professor or in conservation but, delightfully, it has served me instead as I crouch behind a camera & photograph the most memorable historic moments of my clients’ lives.

Last year I was featured on The Monmouth Moms Blog: https://themonmouthmoms.com/2019/02/03/meet-a-mom-nicole-dolan/


in Stern magazine

Last year I was published in a German magazine! There’s nothing like seeing your work in print! Amira’s birth story (bottom right photo) is on my blog. It’s been pretty badass to watch birth photography slowly make it to more mainstream audiences. Birth is powerful, vulnerabilty at its deepest depths & transformative; its also ordinary, normal, & plain hard work.

  • Member Professional Photographers Association (PPA)
  • Member International Association of Professional Birth Photographers (IAPBP)

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