I was invited over for this newborn shoot on an overcast day, the sun filling the windows of a house tucked into a woodsy hillside.  Just 8 days young, this little man has the eyes of an old soul.  Sleepy boy snuggled up with his big sisters, getting lots of kisses.  Played with his grandma in the bright sun room for some more loving. And nestled in his mama’s arms, where every baby boy wants to be.  Worn out from all the attention,… Read more »

So, they’re Scottish.  The Highland bagpipes are the ones you can hear from miles & miles away.  The Irish pipes are often called small pipes and sound as different as ukuleles do to an acoustic guitar.  Its a haunting plaintive music, the pipes.  A sound I’ve grown used to over the years being married to a piper.  St. Patrick’s day is a day of marathon piping for my family.  Parades & marching bands & suddenly every bar is a Pub for… Read more »