Let me tell you a story…   On Christmas morning I woke up groggy after a weekend spent in bed coughing & fighting a cold.  My teenagers slept.  My dog slept.  My husband slept.  My five-year-old danced around the Christmas tree singing, “Wake up, wake up, wake up!” I heard her thump down the stairs to go rouse her tall brother with more singing.  I heard the coffee pot trickle when the hubs got up.  The first thing I did… Read more »

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I have a soft spot for sisters. Ever since my own daughter became a big sister I’ve been sensitive to the tenderness between oldest & littlest, especially with an age gap wide enough to stall squabbles. (For now, true true. haha)  I’m the baby in my own family, lucky to have big sisters I can lean on, so I get it.  I think for a long time I did not, but I do now.  And in these two, I see… Read more »

    Let me tell you a story…       On a warm almost-summer’s day I got a message that a baby was coming.  By late morning I arrived at their home, a house in a neighborhood that bumped into a big green park, and was let inside amid whispers of welcome & anticipation.  I readied my camera. There I found a blue pool, a great-grandma knitting, a doula soothing & supporting, a midwife reading a book with watchful… Read more »

  I was recently invited to a birthday party for twin girls. There was pink & there was purple, & except for the bounce house, pretty much TWO of everything.   Did I say pretty? That was the recurrent theme of the day.  Pretty.  Their mama had her work cut out for her getting two squirmy, wriggling, excited little girls dresssed in pretty party dresses… but mom’s know how to keep their cool.     Ready to party, these two… Read more »

I can tell them apart by the sweep of their bangs. One goes to the left.  The other to the right. And funny, because isn’t that the way with twins? Inseparable, but each little man off to explore the world in his own direction.   It was a bright hot day when we met at park in Muncy for the 2 year old’s birthday shoot. The boys stared in awe at the pond, which was very still with croaking frogs… Read more »

I arrived at their house greeted by the baby of the family, all of 7 years old. She slipped her arms around my pregnant belly in a gentle hug. I hadn’t seen her since she was a toddler but she gave me a hint of what I’d get to photograph that day. (Lots of hand-holding, warm gazes, love.) Her 4 siblings buzzed around me. My long-time friends, Sean & Laura, stole bits of grown-up conversation with me while everyone got… Read more »

The Kelly’s & us Dolan’s go way back.  Jim was a bandmate with my hubs.  They smoked stogies together  on my porch in Ocean Grove the day I brought my newborn son home.  We’ve all attended the weddings of friends over the years. Exchanged Christmas cards.  Run into each other’s families when we hit the diner for brunch after church on Sundays.  See each other almost every year at my in-law’s legendary 4th of July BBQ.  This summer, over a… Read more »

If we were in a room, with four walls, it would have been buzzing. This family of three sisters and their loving parents met with me for a shoot in the park brimming, bubbling, twitchy with excitement.  Smiles were all over the place – even as dad got used to a camera aimed in his direction – even as the girls posed for me like runway models (dude, they’re good) – even as mom pulled her whole family around her… Read more »

So, they’re Scottish.  The Highland bagpipes are the ones you can hear from miles & miles away.  The Irish pipes are often called small pipes and sound as different as ukuleles do to an acoustic guitar.  Its a haunting plaintive music, the pipes.  A sound I’ve grown used to over the years being married to a piper.  St. Patrick’s day is a day of marathon piping for my family.  Parades & marching bands & suddenly every bar is a Pub for… Read more »

I like the cracks and fissures in everyday objects that tell us they’ve been around a while, a lot longer than the time I’ve taken to notice.  And I love photographing old homes and buildings for that same reason.  Usually, I can manage to find my own patient subjects but this time I was asked! to document a beautiful black and white barn and its farmhouse.  On a brisk winter’s day that was colder than it looked, I walked the grounds and tried… Read more »