Let me tell you a story…   On Christmas morning I woke up groggy after a weekend spent in bed coughing & fighting a cold.  My teenagers slept.  My dog slept.  My husband slept.  My five-year-old danced around the Christmas tree singing, “Wake up, wake up, wake up!” I heard her thump down the stairs to go rouse her tall brother with more singing.  I heard the coffee pot trickle when the hubs got up.  The first thing I did… Read more »

        Stuff like using flash or not, informing your doctor or midwife about me, when to call or text me to come over, when you’ll get your images or album, whether I’m allowed to use YOUR images online will all be discussed long before your highly anticipated labor finally begins. But what do I do while you’re in the baby-birthing zone?   Well.  It’s not about me.  Its about you.   As you wish, I will: blend… Read more »

    Let me tell you a story…       On a warm almost-summer’s day I got a message that a baby was coming.  By late morning I arrived at their home, a house in a neighborhood that bumped into a big green park, and was let inside amid whispers of welcome & anticipation.  I readied my camera. There I found a blue pool, a great-grandma knitting, a doula soothing & supporting, a midwife reading a book with watchful… Read more »

I was invited over for this newborn shoot on an overcast day, the sun filling the windows of a house tucked into a woodsy hillside.  Just 8 days young, this little man has the eyes of an old soul.  Sleepy boy snuggled up with his big sisters, getting lots of kisses.  Played with his grandma in the bright sun room for some more loving. And nestled in his mama’s arms, where every baby boy wants to be.  Worn out from all the attention,… Read more »

These boys were so tender and new – and creeping up on their one-month-old birthday!  Their mom was game for anything, so we played with blankets on the living room couch, headed outside under the shade of a low tree for some baby skin shots (which take my breath away, they look so fragile and womb-like), and learned new ways to hold the babies.  Its a tough job being so sweet, they slept through the whole shoot.   Here are a… Read more »

These handsome boys were only just shy of their one month birthday when I was invited over for this fun shoot!  These are two faves, teasers, so much more to come …. Big thanks!!! to Elizabeth Licitra Photography for helping out on the edit while systems have been down!