Let me tell you a story…   On Christmas morning I woke up groggy after a weekend spent in bed coughing & fighting a cold.  My teenagers slept.  My dog slept.  My husband slept.  My five-year-old danced around the Christmas tree singing, “Wake up, wake up, wake up!” I heard her thump down the stairs to go rouse her tall brother with more singing.  I heard the coffee pot trickle when the hubs got up.  The first thing I did… Read more »

2017 Mini Sessions $195 Includes 30 minute session, at least 5 edited images, your own private web link for your photos & a full print release. The Fir Farm in Colts Neck, NJ Featuring the rusty handsome fellow pictured above, some buffalo plaid blankets & you! Sat 11/11 & Sun 11/12 *some time slots already filled* *openings available* Email me at or call/text me at 732.859.6183

Nicole Dolan Photo_0068

Not MY backyard actually – their backyard!  But I’ve been thinking about this concept for a while now & this session was like the last piece of the puzzle.  I will make an announcement about these special sessions soon!   I was invited to come photograph the whole awesome family as a Mother’s Day gift.  Elyse is a treasured friend that I’ve kept in touch with in spite of moving hours & hours away & big job changes for both… Read more »

How do you handle big changes?   I’ve had some doozies in the last 5 or so years.  My quick answer would be to say I roll with it, because I do.  Any other option is just torturing yourself, right?  Resist all you like with mule braying & pouting, or better yet with minute planning & exacting details (laugh & laugh & laugh), but things change anyway. When I roll, I put myself to work.  If I’m not careful I’m a bit… Read more »

My family is getting ready to move! The husband landed his dream job & we will be relocating to the Trenton/Philly area.  We just signed a lease on a cute house with a big back yard & finally have a move-in date. -Whew- But I will still be here in the Williamsport area til early August 2015. Til then all portrait SESSION FEES are $75 That’s more than half off I hope we can squeeze in some time together Let me know!… Read more »

Was it cold? Well, yes.  But my in-laws from Portland, Oregon were visiting & I think the coast there is always a little chilly so we bundled up babies & hit the inlet in Manasquan, NJ for pictures of a new family.  And for me, crisp air that tastes like ocean & fills my lungs with nostalgia: I love the beach in winter.  Its empty & bracing & gently reminds me that warmer days are coming.   The sun was generous… Read more »

They say red hair & blue eyes is so rare its only 1% of the population. So how is it I get to photograph them ALL the time?! Just lucky, I guess.   I get the feeling Ben’s parents feel pretty lucky too.   He had just turned One & look at this confident charming gaze.   There is this lovely park near the Susquehanna River on the outskirts of Williamsport.  Ben’s dad brought his guitar, I brought a blanket… Read more »

Its been two years already since I had the privilege of photographing my first birth, the birth of a baby girl, & fell in love with birth photography.  It tugs at my heart & I feel like I’ve been honored with an incredible glimpse ever since.  These are a few favorites from some of the births I’ve been invited to.  You can see why there’s SO MUCH to love about it.   Bearing a child is the most vulnerable you… Read more »

Early last summer on a sticky afternoon I met two talented photo-friends at a park near the Susquehanna River. For playtime. They wanted to practice using remote flashes, cool-kid techy stuff. But what was supposed to be practice (just for fun) turned into something so much more. Danelle & Karey gifted these beautiful photos to me. I felt huge & awkward & needed help getting up from the grass & I felt a lil upside-down with the camera(s) trained on… Read more »