Let me tell you a story…   On Christmas morning I woke up groggy after a weekend spent in bed coughing & fighting a cold.  My teenagers slept.  My dog slept.  My husband slept.  My five-year-old danced around the Christmas tree singing, “Wake up, wake up, wake up!” I heard her thump down the stairs to go rouse her tall brother with more singing.  I heard the coffee pot trickle when the hubs got up.  The first thing I did… Read more »

Early last summer on a sticky afternoon I met two talented photo-friends at a park near the Susquehanna River. For playtime. They wanted to practice using remote flashes, cool-kid techy stuff. But what was supposed to be practice (just for fun) turned into something so much more. Danelle & Karey gifted these beautiful photos to me. I felt huge & awkward & needed help getting up from the grass & I felt a lil upside-down with the camera(s) trained on… Read more »

Lucky duck that I am, I got to work with a friend on this shoot.   Make-up artist Yvonne Moss (her blog here) called me up for this maternity session.  We had just worked together in the delivery room a few nights before where she served as doula and I shot my first amazing birth – more on that coming soon – and I have to admit, I was still recovering from lack of sleep!  Always game, I  checked the memory left on… Read more »

Jaime & I scheduled our session and it fell on a blustery Pooh Bear kind of day.  It was so windy!  Before our appointment, I sat brainstorming.  I thought and I thought some more.  Fabric?  Several yards worth??  Hm!  Just as I was scheming a stop at Joanne’s I ran it by my mother-in-law, wondered if she had a long flowy scarf I could borrow, too.  “Ohhhh.  What about that sari?  Remember?  The one Grandma Dolan sent me?” she says.  I had a… Read more »

Maternity photography has to be my favorite trend in professional photography.  We can’t help but take pictures of our miracles, document that breath of time when they’re just newborns.  But, until recently, most women have avoided the camera “all big and pregnant.”  The curves of our female body have always been immortalized in art & maternity photography acknowledges our female shape in all its beautiful & mysterious ways.  It’s also so facinating because its such a rare time in our lives as women.  Many of us endure our… Read more »