I was recently invited to a birthday party for twin girls. There was pink & there was purple, & except for the bounce house, pretty much TWO of everything.   Did I say pretty? That was the recurrent theme of the day.  Pretty.  Their mama had her work cut out for her getting two squirmy, wriggling, excited little girls dresssed in pretty party dresses… but mom’s know how to keep their cool.     Ready to party, these two… Read more »

You now its been a good day of shooting one-year-old twins when you can smell the sugar in the birthday cake because its so close, its in your hair.   It was a good day.  About that … Dessert first: Boys.  This is very important.  Its your 1st birthday and since your mom & dad are already gasping (ONE!?!)  let me be the one to introduce you to CAKE.  Oh yes, cake.  Whipped cream icing.  Chocolate.  Vanilla.  Candy sprinkles.  Caaaake…. Read more »