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Its been two years already since I had the privilege of photographing my first birth, the birth of a baby girl, & fell in love with birth photography.  It tugs at my heart & I feel like I’ve been honored with an incredible glimpse ever since.  These are a few favorites from some of the births I’ve been invited to.  You can see why there’s SO MUCH to love about it.


Bearing a child is the most vulnerable you will ever feel & from that vulnerability comes massive strength.  More often than not, the support & tenderness is amazing.  Being held, heard, & honored is powerful.  And beautiful.

Nicole Dolan Photographer

Nicole Dolan Photographer


Nicole Dolan Photographer


A new baby is extravagantly new.  With that, in runs a tremendous rush of firsts.  First breath, the first time you see your baby’s face, the first time your baby sees YOU, the first moments as a brand new family (of three, or four, or seven…), the first cries, the first time big brothers & sisters meet their new sibling, the first time your parents see their grandchild.  I could go on & on.

Nicole Dolan PhotographerNicole Dolan PhotographerNicole Dolan Photographer

Nicole Dolan PhotographerNicole Dolan PhotographerNicole Dolan Photographer

Nicole Dolan Photographer_0144

I’ve noticed that I have fallen into the habit of getting an “arms full” image whenever I can.  Its become one of my favorite moments to look for.Nicole Dolan Photographer_0140


Every time new parents marvel at those tiny little fingers & toes I melt.  I delight in their perfect smallness too.

Nicole Dolan Photographer_0147 Nicole Dolan Photographer_0148



Nicole Dolan Photographer_0138 Nicole Dolan Photographer_0142

How very sweet & comforting skin-to-skin & the closeness of nursing is to you & your baby after labor.  Suddenly it gets very quiet & all there is to do is stare at each other openly, hold hands & breathe each other in.

Nicole Dolan Photographer_0154

Nicole Dolan Photographer_0152Nicole Dolan Photographer_0153Nicole Dolan Photographer_0151



It is a story you will never forget.  Ever.  The birth of your child becomes the stuff of personal & family legend.  There is a saying, “To know what a photographer is afraid of losing you only have to look at what they photograph.”   As a birth photographer, I preserve the images that are so fleeting.


I am so grateful to do what I love.


 Happy to be so,


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