Cake Smash! {Child Portraits} Michael Farm, Hughesville, Pa June 2012

You now its been a good day of shooting one-year-old twins when you can smell the sugar in the birthday cake because its so close, its in your hair. ¬† It was a good day. ūüôā ¬†About that …

Dessert first:

Boys. ¬†This is very important. ¬†Its your 1st birthday and since your mom & dad are already gasping (ONE!?!) ¬†let me be the one to introduce you to CAKE. ¬†Oh yes, cake. ¬†Whipped cream icing. ¬†Chocolate. ¬†Vanilla. ¬†Candy sprinkles. ¬†Caaaake. ¬†Its really good. ¬†Once you taste it you’ll never kick your heels with delight for mashed sweet potatoes ever again. ¬†Its your birthday! ¬†To celebrate you each get a whole cake all to yourself (and its almost as big as you are!) complete with a banner with your name on it so I can tell you two apart. ¬†While your mom hugs herself to keep from cringing DIG IN with both hands and eat cake by the fistful! ¬†There is only once in your life that you will be given permission to do this! ¬†Which is so cool your dad will record it as proof on his smart phone.

We stood back, cameras ready, nails bitten, and got this:

Earlier that day, these little turtles worked up their appetite for destruction by making a getaway for the cornfields …
and by just being handsome ….
Thank you to the ever-gracious Hill family for lending these sweet faces to me to do what I love: photograph them.  And for loving the results as much as I do.
Happy to be so, Nicole Dolan

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