Farmhouse {Architecture} Hughesville Pa January 2012

I like the cracks and fissures in everyday objects that tell us they’ve been around a while, a lot longer than the time I’ve taken to notice.  And I love photographing old homes and buildings for that same reason.  Usually, I can manage to find my own patient subjects but this time I was asked! to document a beautiful black and white barn and its farmhouse.  On a brisk winter’s day that was colder than it looked, I walked the grounds and tried to see it from a kid’s perspective.  A child who played in the barn and found kittens in the wood pile, who saw stars in the light leaking in the gaps in the walls, played chase with cousins in the open fields and skidded down the gentle snowy slopes on metal sleds, and sat on grandma’s lap on the porch watching the sun go down.  Our homes are made of memories.  In this project I tried to catch some in the light.  Here are a few:

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