Jaime {Maternity} Spring Lake, NJ April 2012

Jaime & I scheduled our session and it fell on a blustery Pooh Bear kind of day.  It was so windy!  Before our appointment, I sat brainstorming.  I thought and I thought some more.  Fabric?  Several yards worth??  Hm!  Just as I was scheming a stop at Joanne’s I ran it by my mother-in-law, wondered if she had a long flowy scarf I could borrow, too.  “Ohhhh.  What about that sari?  Remember?  The one Grandma Dolan sent me?” she says.  I had a very vague recollection and a slim memory of a friend all wrapped up in it on stage once, Arabian Surf-style.  True, Grandma Dolan was famous for her eccentric gifts but she had an artiste’s eye for originality and antiques ….”You have a sari?”  Oh yes, and its beautiful.  Metallic ocean blue with silver details.

We settled on Spring Lake in NJ to meet: the family park and its lake, woodsy paths, classic boardwalk, the beach.  Jaime is a patient and model model.  We chatted Mama Talk while we moved from lake to trees to ocean.  The sari proved to be a great wind catch, adding drama and curves.  Grandma Dolan would love the way it was finally put to good use.  Some faves, here are a few:

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