Megan {Maternity} January 2012

Maternity photography has to be my favorite trend in professional photography.  We can’t help but take pictures of our miracles, document that breath of time when they’re just newborns.  But, until recently, most women have avoided the camera “all big and pregnant.”  The curves of our female body have always been immortalized in art & maternity photography acknowledges our female shape in all its beautiful & mysterious ways.  It’s also so facinating because its such a rare time in our lives as women.  Many of us endure our pregnant bellies, shoo away compliments in polite disbelief, or find we have never felt more beautiful.  Which is why I LOVE this trend.  Its more than documentation, its celebrating & empowering – freedom to lay down any insecurities, put aside the skinny-culture we live in and just Be, caught in frame after frame of beautiful images.

For this shoot Megan and I climbed up to the attic (stairs, no ladders) and contrasted her cute bump with the stained glass squares in the window.  Later, we hung out by the big white barn waiting for the sun to stop being so sly on a cool winter’s day where we were rewarded with shadow play and a beautiful silhouette.  I asked her to profile like the rolling hills behind her, which must have sounded hilarious cause it gave us both a good laugh.  And then, a lil facepaint on her belly, her son’s name in baby-boy-blue, one of my favs because I love the blend of colors over her shoulder.  Here are a few:

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