Twin boys {Child Portraits} Muncy, Pa

I can tell them apart by the sweep of their bangs.

One goes to the left.  The other to the right.

And funny, because isn’t that the way with twins?

Inseparable, but each little man off to explore the world in his own direction.


It was a bright hot day when we met at park in Muncy for the 2 year old’s birthday shoot.

The boys stared in awe at the pond, which was very still with croaking frogs & lazy ducks.

After a walk on the wooded paths we stuck to shade & overgrown grasses.

There I got to photograph strawberry blonde hair & long eyelashes.

At 2 they’re so grown up

…but still so little.



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Lucas & Landon, thanks for always being so happy to see me!



Happy to be so,



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