Ammar-Khodja {Family Portrait} Picture Rocks, Pa August 2012

If we were in a room, with four walls, it would have been buzzing.

This family of three sisters and their loving parents met with me for a shoot in the park brimming, bubbling, twitchy with excitement.  Smiles were all over the place – even as dad got used to a camera aimed in his direction – even as the girls posed for me like runway models (dude, they’re good) – even as mom pulled her whole family around her as if she could hide under them like a blanket (all moms do that!) – SMILES were every where.

And I had to laugh, especially at myself.  I’ve been working together with two business coaches and at that time we had come the conclusion that three words swirl around and in me: romantic, gracious, and whole-hearted.  And here were those words right in front of me as I caught in my frame eyes soulful and piercing, arms entwined in a knot, a family joyful and playful for me and my camera.  What a fun epiphany.

See if you can find each word, maybe even a little extravagance in these images ….

Thank you to the Ammar-Khodja family for inviting me to capture the easy affection you all have for one another.  Its a beautiful thing.
Happy to be so, Nicole Dolan


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