Jen&Brad {Maternity} Spring Lake, NJ July 2012

Lucky duck that I am, I got to work with a friend on this shoot. 
 Make-up artist Yvonne Moss (her blog here) called me up for this maternity session.  We had just worked together in the delivery room a few nights before where she served as doula and I shot my first amazing birth – more on that coming soon – and I have to admit, I was still recovering from lack of sleep!  Always game, I  checked the memory left on my CF cards and over the phone we brainstormed a location settling on Spring Lake, NJ for its dappled light and quiet beach.
Jenn’s littlest guy is almost a big brother at nearly two years old.  I loved including the whole family in this session and capturing their easy warmth toward each other.  Brad shows incredible tenderness toward his wife, which was a delight to photograph.  You can see it in his eyes.  For this shoot we meandered wooden bridges and hung out in the summer shade. On the beach, we caught the late sun and made this glowing mama literally glow.  The sky was larger-than-life that evening and sometimes those preggie bellies feel just like that, too.  Here are a few:

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