The Kelly’s & us Dolan’s go way back.  Jim was a bandmate with my hubs.  They smoked stogies together  on my porch in Ocean Grove the day I brought my newborn son home.  We’ve all attended the weddings of friends over the years. Exchanged Christmas cards.  Run into each other’s families when we hit the diner for brunch after church on Sundays.  See each other almost every year at my in-law’s legendary 4th of July BBQ.  This summer, over a… Read more »

My friend Kristin and I have been friends for so long now the term only applies as a technicality.  She and I are like sisters.  My husband always knows who I’m on the phone with because we gab and laugh like we’re still 16.   Recently I stayed for a weekend at her house.  This past year has been one of upheavals for both of us and I noticed the framed photos on her walls were all attached to bittersweet memories.  Camera in hand, I suggested… Read more »