{Family Portrait} In My Backyard Session, Lacey Twp, NJ

Not MY backyard actually – their backyard!  But I’ve been thinking about this concept for a while now & this session was like the last piece of the puzzle.  I will make an announcement about these special sessions soon!


I was invited to come photograph the whole awesome family as a Mother’s Day gift.  Elyse is a treasured friend that I’ve kept in touch with in spite of moving hours & hours away & big job changes for both of us, so when she contacted me for this shoot the 1st thing I responded was something like: “You mean see you in person & give you a big hug????  Hell yes!”  And when it came down to choosing a location near Lacey, NJ they chose their Mom’s backyard.  Kinda perfect.


A mix of lifestyle photography & posing is what I usually bring to my sessions but even with direction from me the vibe at this backyard session is casual & relaxed in these images.

Nicole Dolan Photo_0079I think his girls are the apple of his eye…

Nicole Dolan Photo_0072And I think her girls are tender on mom …
Nicole Dolan Photo_0078

Sisters, aunties, & a joyful young mom.  I love her expression at her littlest (especially because that little one crinkles her nose with big smiles too!)
Nicole Dolan Photo_0077

Sometimes when the camera is focused on you it helps to just laugh & hold hands… & laugh!Nicole Dolan Photo_0074

Not only do babies grow up fast but once they learn to walk they run too! Slow down, love.Nicole Dolan Photo_0067


This was Take Two of just the the two of them.  Which was happily interrupted by ….

Nicole Dolan Photo_0081

… their favorite grandkids.  Nicole Dolan Photo_0083


Crinkly noses make room for the biggest smiles. 🙂

Nicole Dolan Photo_0071


This big sister was awesome during pictures as long as she was near her loved ones.  But when I asked if I could take some of just her she shook her head No.  Then when we were pretty much all done I got a gentle tap on my shoulder & her aunt told me she was ready for “her turn.” I gained her trust & was rewarded with this sweet expression:Nicole Dolan Photo_0068

Thank you to the Baumer family for inviting me with such open arms.  Big hugs all around!


Happy to be so,



Bonus: Take One.  When your whole beautiful family is gathered for pictures just for you, your emotions can run high.  Happy tears flooded in when she looked into her man’s eyes.

Nicole Dolan Photo_0080


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