{Family} & {Child} Portraits, Riverfront Park, Williamsport Pa

They say red hair & blue eyes is so rare its only 1% of the population.

So how is it I get to photograph them ALL the time?!

Just lucky, I guess.


I get the feeling Ben’s parents feel pretty lucky too.

Nicole Dolan Photographer


He had just turned One & look at this confident charming gaze.Nicole Dolan Photographer


There is this lovely park near the Susquehanna River on the outskirts of Williamsport.  Ben’s dad brought his guitar, I brought a blanket to sit on, everyone was happy to hear a little music strumming as I pressed the shutter button on my camera.

Nicole Dolan Photographer

Nicole Dolan Photographer



I think he knows he is a lucky little man too.  So. much. love. and. joy.

Nicole Dolan Photographer

Nicole Dolan Photographer


Nicole Dolan Photographer


Thank you for making this look so easy, McKeirnan family.


Happy to be so,




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