{Family} Session & the Warmest Light, Manasquan, Sea Watch Beach, NJ

I have a soft spot for sisters.

Ever since my own daughter became a big sister I’ve been sensitive to the tenderness between oldest & littlest, especially with an age gap wide enough to stall squabbles. (For now, true true. haha)  I’m the baby in my own family, lucky to have big sisters I can lean on, so I get it.  I think for a long time I did not, but I do now.  And in these two, I see it.


This big sister is the calm in the storm.  Her baby sister may be the storm itself but look who’s got her back.  Together they look quite unstoppable.
Nicole Dolan Photo  (4)


Yes, and insanely beautiful, too.
Nicole Dolan Photo_0120

ANOTHER soft spot: Mom in the picture.  

Nicole Dolan Photo  (6)


Could also be phrased: Mom who glows in the picture.
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Nicole Dolan Photo  (9)


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We met up for this shoot before dinner on Father’s Day in between family get-togethers.  I think it capped off a pretty good day for this Dad of two girls.  I hope every kid remembers being carried by their dad like this…

Nicole Dolan Photo  (17)


At first, she hid from me.  Through some family photos & while I took pictures of her cool-as-a-cucumber sister, she gently avoided me.  And then while I pointed the lens at her parents she twirled & ran around in the sea breeze, non stop.  At 3 & 1/2, I expect nothing less & loved watching her.  I happened to be on my knees in the sand when she plopped herself down in front of me in the warmest light & gave me 4 seconds to take her picture, no more hiding. Nicole Dolan Photo_0159


Nicole Dolan Photo  (29)



Big thanks to this family for laughing at & with me during our time together.  This was a really fun shoot, thank you for enjoying the moment with me!



Happy to be so,




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